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Dwayne Holness

As a director, graphic designer, photographer and brand developer, Dwayne Holness is a man of many hats --all of which fit him exceedingly well. Add philanthropist to his growing list of titles and it is clear to see that he is not only driven to become an industry leader, he is well on his way. At just 25 years old, Dwayne has been able to forge a career in the media industry that includes work with Coca-Cola: Open Happiness Project, Radke Films, Participaction: Bring Back Play, and Shaw Media. As a founding member of Boss Magazine Dwayne brings his signature dedication and charisma to every project he touches, and his passion is evident in the seamless finish of the work he produces. A modern day magician of sorts, Dwayne’s ability to take client concepts to higher, more creative, visually inspiring levels make him a highly sought after artist.

In 2008, Dwayne co-founded Highclass; a multi-media youth art organization that aims to encourage artistic interests in community youth. That same year Highclass teamed up with Rated Inc. to develop the annual “106 & York” festival. With the support of ArtReach Toronto, Highclass has also been able to launch initiatives like “The Bigger Picture”, a program which provides a platform for those involved to learn practical skills and build a foundation for their education in the arts. Receiving acclaim from industry and peers, in 2011, Dwayne also earned the City of Toronto INI award for Community Arts. Committed to helping youth gain access to the world of media arts, Dwayne continues to build Highclass’s positive public influence, lending his enthusiasm and skillful eye along the way.

There is no doubt that the future will see Dwayne Holness expand on a global scale as he builds his corporate clientele and adds to his already impressive portfolio. Dwayne takes pride in his work ethic and talents and welcomes every opportunity to make magic.

His Philosophy

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.


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  • Damn bro! You did that commercial? Amazing! Proud of you my man.

    DPrizzy via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness work ethic and attitude is truly inspiring. Chopping it up with him will get ur head right. Thx

    Leandra LeGendre via Twitter

  • Wow Dwayne Holness shot and edited #churchinthewild in less then 10 hours!

    itzDubb via Twitter

  • You are most definitely without a doubt a leader... paving the way just by doing you. #Salute

    Oshiposhee via Twitter

  • I have a renewed respect for you... I read a article about you and it gave me encouragement... BaGa

    KingBoyd03 via Twitter

  • I always Respected Dwayne Holness he always doing big things and is always trying 2 help at the same time

    RealJayAllDay via Twitter

  • You are a very inspirational mentor. I really hope we work together again in the future ! :)

    DirectorMaazK via Twitter

  • You set a good example for everybody. Not just artists but everybody that has a dream n goals they want to achieve.

    EmceeHeavy via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness is really inspiring me to take my film more seriously. He's out here doing it big! #proud #Toronto

    Christinainniss via Twitter

  • I'm truly blessed I got the opportunity to work with Dwayne Holness I learned so much. Thanks again for the award:)

    JusSoOriginal via Twitter

  • Good job on the editing, the video look sick

    BodyByChosenEC via Twitter

  • Always proud of Dwayne Holness hard work, dedication, class, and humble. Started from the ground up.

    DJAndre905 via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness is the best mentor ever..this dude has my back. Can't let him down with this industry, I just cant

    LaudyVinquoi via Twitter

  • Now following one of Toronto's most talented director/photographer and designers

    TiaDyce via Twitter

  • Your work is incredible

    _abellefleur via Twitter

  • I'm a huge fan of Dwayne Holness' videos! You never disappoint bro!

    AbstractTae via Twitter

  • Your work ethic is inspiring

    Logik416 via Twitter

  • This is gonna be my best video yet, thanks to Dwayne Holness and his team

    YuriKoller via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness gave me the biggest pep talk the other day. Motivational coach f'real!

    LeiLaDey via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness is one of the many motivational people that helped me get to where im at today. i'm very thankful.

    ShannonSupreme via Twitter

  • The only word that comes to mind..magnificent. You're a great person and a hard worker. Keep doing what you do.

    EWilliamsRR via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness is extremely talented and humble, that's a rare mix! His eye for photos and videos is impeccable!

    allartislove via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness been my mentor since day1! the inspiration!

    Joel_Naga via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness is Highly rated around the world. Everyone in the business should check you out.

    MacheteRecords via Twitter

  • Dwayne Holness, one of the most creatively innovative persons i've ever had the privilege to work with

    a_nemes via Twitter


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